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Season 2 Live
Get up to 5X the XP when sweeping
Get an XP multiplier when sweeping - up to 5X the usual amount. The more NFTs you sweep, the higher the multiplier will be!
The Four Hundred - Initiation Day
Hungry Cows - by MuesliSwap
Hungry Cows is a collection of 10,000 unique utility NFTs from MuesliSwap! Boost your yield farming rewards by locking a Hungry Cow when yield farming on MuesliSwap. Each Hungry Cow NFT has a boosting factor between 10% and 90% (based on its rarity level).
Pavia Metaverse
Chilled Kongs - Magic Kongs
As a side effect of Chilled Kongs consuming Magic Mushrooms and experiencing a psychedelic spiritual awakening, they produced spore variants of themselves, resulting in a collection of 9,999 Magic Kongs. Every Magic Kongs NFT grants full commercial usage rights to its holder.
Chilled Kongs
A distinctive art project that embodies the iconography of web3, from its native tokens to its inclusive ecosystem. Chilled Kongs is committed to promoting blockchain technology via online/IRL initiatives. Every Chilled Kongs NFT grants full commercial usage rights to its holder
Let's go on an adventure, where will your SpaceBudz take you?

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