Season 2

Fee rebates are now live!

Hold $JPG to save on service fees by earning rebates on all eligible transactions. The more you hold, the more you’ll save. Learn more about this season’s rebate tiers below.
Season 2 Live

Get up to 5X the XP when sweeping

Get an XP multiplier when sweeping - up to 5X the usual amount. The more NFTs you sweep, the higher the multiplier will be!


EarthNode NFTs (ENNFTs), unique non-fungible tokens for EarthNode Operators which represent their ownership of an EarthNode. EarthNodes are the brain powering the Sharing Economy of World Mobile, the first mobile network owned by the people and built on blockchain. Connecting the unconnected 🌍📱


Toolheads - An NFT Collection from CNFT Tools. Earn $TOOL. Have fun.

Cornucopias Land Sale - Zones 1-3

Cornucopias District land is a plot of NFT land within the theme zones and is owned by players. The plots have a pre-determined layout and have five variations of size. The plots are empty upon purchase, and can be built on.
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All men, however highly educated, retain some superstitious inklings

The Four Hundred - Initiation Day


The Mallard Order

The Mallard Order is a secret society of Ducks hell-bent on dominating Cardano. Joining their exclusive order will mean taking an Oath of Secrecy.

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