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Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society

It was a bright day in April when Wilhelm Tesseract discovered he could jump through time. The year was 2097. We are the Dead Rabbits.

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society

Dead Rabbits

What’s your project name?

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society

Who are you and your role with the project?

Jeb Tesseract, Project Co-Founder

How did you meet your co-founders/team?

"I met Max (co-founder and lead artist) and Racknar (accessories artist) while working on other creative projects that we've teamed up on over the years. All three of us are artist nerds who set out to create a fun CNFT project that reflects our love of 80s & 90s movies, cyberpunk, music, cyphers, dope outfits, IRL adventures, and Cardano. Button, our CM, bulldozed his way onto the scene early while we were running cypher challenges on Twitter. He volunteered to set up our Discord and we brought him on as Core Team shortly thereafter as he is awesome with our community."

What does a typical day look like for you and your team?

"We've been going pretty much non-stop for the past 9 months. Personally, I spend time every day with concept and brand development, generating ideas for new art assets, networking with folks all over the world, writing lore and other copy for our website and videos, and designing games, cyphers, and IRL adventures for the clan. Max makes all our motion graphics content and branded visual assets. He's currently illustrating new character features for our Rabbit Supremes--a set of 333 pushed dead rabbits minting in the next 6 weeks. (That's what the DOTRS tickets are for.) Racknar is making around 50 new traits for the Supremes and has that just about wrapped up. He's putting the finishing touches on a few final pieces of 'gear', a new trait layer for the Supremes. Button can be found in our Discord every day, running games for our community, and helping to set up all the background infrastructure needed for the crazy events we give him."

What was the inspiration behind your project?

"To begin with, we wanted great art. And we wanted to build a community strong enough to hang out together not only online, but IRL as well. The team has a passion for adventure--this was the driving force behind the Dead Event Level 1--a worldwide scavenger hunt that played out in over 20 cities.
We also have strong opinions, in this new and amazing CNFT world, about the difference between hype and value. Our mission statement: Make iconic art that becomes synonymous with the CNFT ecosystem, and offer membership into an exclusive community that has ongoing access to exciting experiences. A third pillar of our mission is to expand the narrative around the concept of utility, and show how community is the true bedrock and most valuable utility of any successful project."

Tell us a little bit about your project’s journey and where you are today with it.

It has been a crazy ride. It feels like yesterday that we had 10 followers on Twitter, and no Discord. But we settled in early, and recognized that we had to do what we were passionate about, and keep doing it. We believe that's how you find your tribe. If you have passion and the commitment to follow through on it, you can build an audience for your work.

What would you have done differently if you could start over?

This project was my introduction to Discord. Discord is life in the NFT world. It is freaking amazing for your project. We would have had a solid plan for Discord beginning on day 1.

What's the best advice for the NFT space you would give someone starting a project now?

"Recognize the difference between hype and value. Hype means whipping your community into a frenzy over the expectation of future benefits. Value means delivering something that improves your user experience, today.
Hype is hot air. Value is work for the team. Strap your boots on. Do the work. Anyone can build hype with: Secrecy, Exclusivity, Scarcity, and Time-Limited. This is Marketing 101. It's true that hype can sell out your mint. But this approach is on borrowed time. As the market matures, CNFT collectors are beginning to spot the warning signs of hype projects: Fake twitter and discord numbers. Lots of giveaways and invite contests. No roadmap, or a roadmap that is not unique, exciting, and deliverable. Undoxxed teams promising the moon (metaverse or game). Don't fall into these traps. Build the project that you yourself would want to be a part of. Take your time and build your community organically. Offer real value in everything you do. Have a clear roadmap that outlines what you are promising to build. Make a project that lasts."

What excites you about the future of the NFT/Crypto/Web 3 space?

The potential for true communities growing up around projects in the space.

What are the biggest challenges you see us having as a whole in growing the NFT space?

Maturing the market toward value. We need to be brave as a community and call out BS more when we see it. This means educating new users that some of the promises they buy into have the potential to be hype. Cardano is the perfect blockchain on which to practice this ethos and help evolve the broader perception of NFTs.

Drop some exciting news that is coming up with your project 🙂

"Dead Event Level 2: Dead Boxes is currently LIVE The Day of the Rabbit Supreme drops in late July or early August. Mohawks. Neon. Cyber Cloaks. And Electric Guitars. Dead Rabbit IRL meetup (and beginning of Dead Event Level 3) takes place in Portland, OR Sat August 27-29."

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