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Healing Our Earth
Through NFTs

Cardano is one of the most sustainable blockchains with an ambitious humanitarian vision. We're deeply rooted in these fundamentals, keeping our planet at the core of every decision that we make.


Energy Efficient Blockchain

Cardano uses roughly 0.005% of the energy Bitcoin uses annually. This is due to Cardano’s consensus mechanism, Proof of Stake, which requires far less computational power than the proof of work system that traditional blockchains operate on (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc).


Carbon Negative Marketplace

Our users have made approximately 2,000,000 transactions since we started JPG Store, consuming roughly 1 metric ton of CO2. Through Pachama, we have already offset 500 metrics tons of CO2, and will continue to offset as we grow in order to maintain a carbon negative marketplace.


Our Future

As we grow, we want to redirect more and more capital back towards environmental efforts. However, we also aim to minimize our impact from within. We are currently pursuing benefit corporation status in order to maximize the social & environmental impact that our company can create.


Innovating in Everything We Do

Projects with a Green Mission


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