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Create your own NFTs

Empowering artists, both big and small, easily bring your artwork to the blockchain

Express Creation

For beginners minting a single asset or small collection

Easiest way to convert your artwork into an NFT. Upload images, set the metadata, and mint the NFTs directly to your wallet where you can list them for sale.

Mint Cost: 1 ADA + ~0.2 ADA network fee per NFT

Collection Creation

For more advanced creators minting a large collection

Requires your images to be hosted on IPFS. Upload .JSON files containing your images and metadata and mint to collectors through the JPG Store Minting Service.

Mint Cost: 5% + 1 ADA + ~0.2 ADA network fee per NFT

Other minting options

Holder airdrops

Create NFTs that you can airdrop to holders of your existing collections or any wallet. You can create airdrops under a new policy ID or add to an existing policy ID.

Airdrop Cost: 2.5 ADA per NFT (~1.5 ADA is returned with the airdrop)

Whitelist tokens

Create tradable whitelist tokens and distribute them to your holders. They can be used for future mints/airdrops.

Whitelist Token Cost: 2.5 ADA per NFT (~1.5 ADA is returned with the token)

Have a custom request or questions about our minting platform?

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