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Empowering creators
through innovation

Our mission is to support the artists, creators and communities that are advancing the ecosystem and helping Cardano realize it's vision of providing financial sovereignty & identity.

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Our values

Our reason for existence is to push Cardano forward and to lift up the creators that brought us all here in the first place.

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Artist First

Creators are the reason we're all here. Our job is to put them first & make Cardano NFTs accessible for everyone.

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Community Driven

Your voice is crucial in helping build We aim to build a marketplace that best serves you, and we need your ideas to do so.

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Cardano Ethos

We strive to ensure that is built off the same ideology and value systems as Cardano itself. Staying true to the chain is key!

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The team

We're a passionate group of crypto enthusiasts who came together to build cutting-edge NFT products on Cardano.

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