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Mint your NFT collection without writing code

Generate and customize your entire NFT project without a developer and mint exclusively on JPG Store

Step 1

Add your NFT traits

Add images with background colours, accessories, and more! JPG Studio will take care of the layers for you.

Step: Add your NFT traitsStep: Add your NFT traits
Step 2

Set custom trait rules

Don’t want certain traits to go together? Want certain traits to always be paired? It’s easy to set those rules!

Step: Set custom trait rulesStep: Set custom trait rules
Step 3

Generate NFT metadata

After the layers are combined, the metadata will then be generated to your minting dashboard within seconds.

Step: Generate NFT metadataStep: Generate NFT metadata
Step 4

One click to mint

Directly mint the collection on and the collection page will be automatically set up for your audience to view!

Step: One click to mintStep: One click to mint

Watch the full tutorial

Sample project hippoSample project hippo

Try it out yourself with a sample project!

Here’s a test package with our famous hippo for you to play around with. The pack includes accessories, shirt colors, and more so you can generate your own hippo collection!

Still have questions?

Visit our support center for articles and videos on getting started with JPG Studioandminting your NFT collectionwith JPG Store.

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