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Cardano NFT projects and their utilities

The Cardano blockchain is carving out a niche for NFTs with real-world utilities, moving beyond the traditional scope of digital art and collectibles. Projects like Tappy, Earthnode, and GGMC exemplify the innovative approaches to integrating NFTs with practical applications.

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The Cardano blockchain, with its strong focus on security, sustainability, and scalability, has become a fertile ground for the development of innovative Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Cardano NFTs often come with unique utilities that extend beyond digital art ownership, providing real-world value and interaction opportunities for their holders.

Let’s dive into three notable Cardano NFT projects: Tappy by TapTools, Earthnode, and Goofy Gophers Mining Club, exploring the utilities and benefits they offer.

Tappy by TapTools

TapTools is renowned for its comprehensive analytics and tracking services for tokens, wallets, and NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Tappy, an NFT collection by TapTools, is a collection of 5,555 unique penguins that live on the Cardano Blockchain. They’re more than just collectibles though; holding a Tappy grants users several premium benefits, including:

  • PRO Access: Enhanced features and tools on the TapTools website, designed to provide deeper insights into Cardano's ecosystem.
  • Discounts on TapTax: Tappy holders enjoy reduced rates when purchasing tax reports, a valuable asset for users managing crypto portfolios and needing to comply with tax regulations.

This utility-oriented NFT is an excellent example of how digital assets can offer tangible benefits, making it an essential tool for anyone deeply involved in navigating the complexities of the Cardano blockchain.

Tappy by TapTools
Tappy by TapTools

Earth Node

Nearly half of the world’s population does not have access to the internet, primarily because it is not financially feasible for telecom companies to invest in infrastructure in these areas.

World Mobile aims to change that by leveraging blockchain technology and the principles of shared economy. Instead of relying on a big company to invest and create the infrastructure, World Mobile’s approach is to empower local business owners in setting up their own little networks and helping their communities connect to the internet. Earthnodes are at the heart of this entire infrastructure; they interconnect all the nodes, govern the network, and validate transactions. You can learn more about how Earthnodes work here.

The Earthnode NFT, also called ENNFT, is the digital representation of an Earthnode in the WMT network. Ownership is necessary to operate an Earthnode, and to ensure that owners do not act maliciously, they must stake at least 100,000 WMT tokens to activate the Earthnode NFT.

Earthnode is an excellent example of how Blockchains and NFTs can be used to create innovative solutions to serious problems, touching millions of lives across the globe.


Goofy Gophers Mining Club

Traditional mining of cryptocurrencies comes with a number of problems, such as:

  • High cost of setup
  • High electricity costs
  • Complications with cooling
  • Inadequate space for equipment

An alternate approach to mining cryptocurrencies is Cloud Mining, where users pay a fee to the cloud mining operator and receive a portion of the mined profit, instead of having to invest in their own space, equipment, and electricity setups. However, dealing with these monthly subscriptions can be quite expensive in some cases.

Goofy Gophers Mining Club, or GGMC as it is known in the community, is an exciting and unique take on cloud mining. Instead of a simple “pay fee and get profit” model, GGMC introduces a gamified model where NFT owners can mine digital assets and receive a portion of the mining revenue indefinitely. This gamification of NFT utilities not only provides entertainment but also the opportunity for financial gain, creating a compelling reason for users to participate and invest in the project.

Goofy Gophers Mining Club
Goofy Gophers Mining Club

The Cardano blockchain is carving out a niche for NFTs with real-world utilities, moving beyond the traditional scope of digital art and collectibles. Projects like Tappy, Earthnode, and GGMC exemplify the innovative approaches to integrating NFTs with practical applications, offering everything from enhanced platform access and discounts, to participation in decentralized governance and virtual mining. As the ecosystem evolves, the utilities and applications of NFTs on Cardano are bound to expand, providing exciting opportunities for users and collectors alike.

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Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial, investment, legal, or other types of advice. The information presented does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency, NFTs, or engage in any specific investment strategy. The utilities and projects mentioned are subject to change, and their future performance is unpredictable. Always conduct your own research, consult with a professional financial advisor, and consider your individual circumstances before making any investment decisions. The author or publisher of this article does not accept responsibility for any financial losses or damages resulting from decisions made based on the information provided herein.

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