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How Do We Fix NFTs?

This week's Twitter Space was buzzing with energy and ideas under the banner of a burning question: "How Do We Fix NFTs?"

How Do We Fix NFTs?

It was more than just a discussion—it was a brainstorming session that brought together the brightest minds in the NFT space to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing digital collectibles today. From rethinking value in the NFT world to smoothing the path for newcomers, here's the lowdown on the insights and aha moments that lit up the conversation.

The Sappy Seals Story: A New Take on NFT Value

Kelano's breakdown of Wab's take on the Sappy Seals project threw a new light on what we often overlook—the real value of an NFT. It's easy to get caught up in the here and now of market prices, but the story behind the Sappy Seals reminds us that true value builds over time. It's about the perks, the community vibes, and the sense of belonging that comes with being part of something bigger. This angle challenges us to look beyond the surface and appreciate the deeper, more meaningful aspects of owning digital art and collectibles.

Real World Meets Digital: The Future of NFTs

One of the juiciest topics on the table was how NFTs could revolutionize the real-world assets (RWA) scene. Imagine cutting through the red tape and dodging the hefty fees that come with buying tickets or collecting rare finds in today's world. NFTs could be the key to fairer, more transparent dealings in everything from art to event tickets, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. The conversation was a call to action for innovators and creators to think outside the box and explore how digital ownership can transform our physical realities.

The Crucial Role of Onboarding

A rallying cry from the session was the need for better onboarding—making it easier for anyone and everyone to dive into the NFT world. With cooler tools and smoother bridges between chains, the once daunting world of NFTs is becoming more accessible. But there's still work to do. The community is hungry for simpler, more intuitive ways to bring curious newcomers into the fold, ensuring that exploring the NFT landscape is exciting, not overwhelming. It's all about opening doors, lighting the way, and welcoming a new wave of digital explorers.

Wrapping Up

The Twitter Space didn't just tackle "How Do We Fix NFTs?"—it sparked a lively exchange of ideas and visions for a brighter, more inclusive future in the digital collectible space.

From deep dives into the essence of NFT value to dreams of a world where digital and physical assets blend seamlessly, and calls for a more welcoming onboarding experience, the conversation was a reminder of the power of community and innovation.

Keep an eye on the JPG Store's blog for more gems from the front lines of the NFT revolution. Who knows what next week's chat will uncover?

You can hear the full recording here:

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