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What’s In Store? Edition 10

BTC Up, Ada Up. Yummi Universe Launch Collectable TCG. Lil Sappys took over Cardano.

What’s In Store? Edition 10


Bitcoin has reached a new ATH and all the bull run signs are here: NFT volume is up, memecoins are so back, and DeFi is blossoming!

ADA rose to the 80-cent mark, proving it does not want to get left behind on this rally!

Yummi Universe Collectable TCG

@YummiUniverse's trading card game Founder Packs hit the blockchain today at 8PM UTC for those with a Whitelist. The public will be able to mint them on the 17th.

Extra utilities for OG Narus have been announced: 50% royalty split from EVERY card release and one FREE pack with every release post-Founder’s pack.

The game trailers look promising, and we can’t wait to get our hands on some cards and play with them!

Lil Sappys took over Cardano

Lil Sappys, an approved derivative using the @SappySealsNFT IP, launched on Cardano! The hype was so intense that even the JPG Store servers could not keep up with the traffic.

In just a few days, Lil Sappys crossed the six-figure mark for volume and became the most traded collection of the last thirty days!

Token Gated File Sharing on Cardano
Vault3 has been integrated into JPG Store, allowing collections to send token-gated files to their holders!

But what does token gating mean? Only holders of a specific policy ID can access the files sent.

If a project creates analytics reports, for example, it can now easily share them with its holders!

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