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What's In Store? Edition 11

#CardanoGirls are taking over Twitter. 3 Years of Spacebudz. The Halvening is almost here!

What's In Store? Edition 11

It's all about #CardanoGirls

Cardano Twitter has taken over the timeline this week thanks to the Cardano Girls!

Cardano Girls already had over 1.7 million views at the time of writing, surpassing the Solana Girls video that inspired it.

This initiative raised questions about the marketing efforts of the founding entities, proving the efficacy of lighthearted and funny short-form content on X.

3 Years of Spacebudz!

Spacebudz celebrated their 3rd birthday this week. Three years of innovation and greatness from Cardano's first 10K NFT collection, which hinted at more plans for the future in their anniversary tweet!

A Bud is a piece of Cardano history, and each of these collectibles has a floor price of just 1000 ADA.

Halvening Month

The Bitcoin Halvening clock is ticking down to what appears to be a mid-late April halving.

The halving only happens roughly every four years and means that the miners' reward will fall by half following the approval of new blocks added to the blockchain. This is usually a very bullish event for the entire crypto industry.

If you're a trader, this is the next big event to watch in this market!

JPG Twitter Spaces

The JPG Twitter Spaces are still going strong, with some incredible guests and panelists each week! Last week, we discussed what projects needed to do to onboard the next wave of NFT collectors.

Join us on Tuesday, April 2nd, to discuss how marketplaces operate in Web3. We will be joined by Eesee, MOOAR, Dew, and Mintify!

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