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What’s In Store? Edition 9

The Loan-ly Dino. House of Titans x Iagon.

What’s In Store? Edition 9

$63,000 BTC!

Bitcoin has been on a crazy run lately, smashing through new price targets and hovering above the 60K mark! With it, the rest of the market has seen a surge.

ADA went all the way up to 77 cents, making room for an NFTs and DeFi run!

The Loan-ly Dino

Last week, a Spacebudz Dino was used as collateral for a 50,000 ADA loan on Fluid Tokens!

Let’s hope this borrower repays the loan, as the last Dino sold for over $1.1 million.

House of Titans x Iagon

House Of Titans has become the first Cardano NFT project to become a resource provider for Iagon through a partnership where HoT plans to invest the remaining Strongholds mint funds!

There’s already two nodes running totaling 110TB!

The DeFi x NFTs narrative on Cardano gets yet another confirmation with this amazing partnership!

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